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Helping Engineering Firms Thrive

Supporting Engineering Firms

Are You an Engineering Consulting Firm?

Are you firefighting on your projects?

Do you want more of your managers to step up and lighten your load?

Do you wish more of your projects were managed more efficiently?

Do your project management procedures need to be updated and custom-made for your new condition?

If the answer to any of these questions is a“YES”, then GES can help you.

Our Services

Our services include the following steps:

 Step 1:

 We will work with business leaders and staff
 to evaluate the current state of their
 organisation and identify gaps.

 Step 2:
 Present & Discuss

 We will present our findings and discuss the
 strategies that could be adopted to fill the gaps.

 Step 3:

 We will prepare a “Recommendations and
 Implementation Strategy” report, aimed at
 helping the organisation flourish even more.

 Step 4:

 Once our report is approved (or revised
 and approved), we will accompany the
  business leaders and staff through the
 implementation phase.

  Step 5:

 At the appropriate time in the implementation stage,training of relevant staff will commence.

 Step 6:
 Ongoing Support

 Once the implementation stage and the
 training phase are complete, we recommend
 to stay on and continue the training and
 mentoring until such time the newly
 implemented strategy has become second
  nature to the team.

If this is what you and your organisation need, the first step is to contact GES via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us a message using our Contactform, requesting an appointment for an initial free consultation.

We believe that the success of any organisation is highly dependent on two things: a fully trained workforce and a custom-made project management system. This is proven by studies. There is a 50% negative impact on the annual operating income of a business that does not pay attention to these two crucial components of their business.