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Case Studies

Supported multi-national engineering consultancy firm’s ISO 9001 Certification.


Having successfully set up a new branch and a regional infrastructure hub of a multi-national consulting firm, Moein Varaei, the resident and infrastructure director, noticed that his office was unable to tender for some key projects because the potential clients required their consultants to be ISO 9001 certified.



The solution was clear, the new branch of the consulting firm had to become ISO certified.


Prior to the ISO certification campaign, Moein Varaei had:

  • Set up the office;
  • Developed a business plan;
  • Carried out business development activities;
  • Prequalified the company with some of the key players in the industry;
  • Tendered, negotiated contracts and won new projects;
  • Ensured adequate resources and talented staff were recruited and made available for all projects; and
  • Led all projects as a project director.

Once a track record was established and the recorded procedures were aligned with both the head office and the industry norms in the region, Moein initiated and managed the certification process which included:

  • Engaging a certifier;
  • Carrying out internal audits to ensure we were on the right track for certifications;
  • Finalisation of the QMS manual;
  • Carrying out the recommendations and the corrective actions suggested by the internal audits;
  • Ensuring the staff were all working to all project delivery procedures;
  • Getting organised for the external audit;
  • Request the external audit; and
  • Certification.


The organisation:

  • Become more efficient at project delivery;
  • Was able to tender for all major players in the industry;
  • Established a strong presence in the regional market; and
  • Worked on numerous high-profile projects in the region.