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Four Types of Tasks

Written by Moein Varaei
Four Types of Tasks
 What are you spending most of you time on? A lot of people are super stressed because they are dealing with urgent tasks. So, they are rushed off their feet.  

Your work could be a lot less stressful if you plan effectively and deal with what is important while they are still not urgent.  

There are 4 types of tasks we all deal with. These are:  

Type 1 – This type of task pertains to very important but not urgent tasks. If you want to be happier at your work, spend most of your time on these.  

Type 2 – This type of task is about dealing with Urgent and Important tasks. You have to deal with these immediately but try dealing with these important tasks before they become super urgent.  

Type 3 – This type of task is about things which are believed to be urgent but probably are not as important as you think. People who spend a lot of their time here are those who can’t plan effectively and don’t take the time to prioritise their work activities. They truly believe they are handling something really urgent and important. These people are delusional and also very stressed. 

Type 4 – This type of task pertains to not urgent and not important tasks. So, those who are involved in these tasks are not focusing on the right type of task. They are distracted. That said, your brain needs a bit of this in order to unwind. A good example of this when you are watching TV to relax or to stop thinking about a problem. You go to this zone when you are stressed.  

People who are stressed spend less than 25% of their time on type 1 AND spend an enormous amount of time in Type 2. They also make things look more urgent (Type 3).  

 You should spend between 40% and 60% of your time on type 1. 

Type 4 is crucial to reconstructing our thoughts, but keep it to a limited portion of your time.  

Below is a graphical representation of the amount of time we should probably spend on each type of task.