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Managing A Portfolio of 40 Projects Whilst Being An Accredited Trainer

I have known Moein Varaei since 2006 and have worked with him for 5 … years at AECOM …...  

Many of the projects that he managed involved teams from several AECOM offices across the globe …

In 2013, …. his role was extended to include a portfolio of 40 projects.  In his tenure with AECOM, Moein has been the …. manager on some of AECOM’s key signature projects …..

During the time that I have worked with Moein, I have found him to be a focused and organized professional who is committed to ensuring that AECOM delivers ….. the quality that our clients have grown to expect of AECOM.

Moein is also an accredited trainer of one of AECOM’s signature training program called Managing AECOM Projects (MAP); an intense two-day program designed to train AECOM’s project managers to deliver projects to the satisfaction of the client and AECOM.  I have also delivered this training program alongside Moein and found him to be a competent and confident trainer.

Moein is also committed to supporting his colleagues in their career development.   In this capacity, he has coached and monitored a number of my staff on a regular basis, as well as staff from other departments, to plan their careers and be better team players.

In conclusion, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Moein and look forward to the day we can work together again.


Former Director of Strategic Planning & Advisory, Civil & Infrastructure, AECOM

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Value Engineering Initiatives, Resulting in a Budget Reduction of Several Hundred Million US Dollars

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Mr. Moein Varaei, between August 2014 and February 2016 at Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP). Mr. Varaei was the Director of Infrastructure – Roads, Bridges and Tunnels, while I served at the time in my capacity of Head of Development and Master Planning.
During most of that period, we worked very closely in managing the design of the second phase of Al-Maktoum International Airport, the future hub of Emirates Airline. The Master Plan had an ultimate capacity of 220 million passengers per year, with a Phase I budget in excess of $30 Billion US Dollars.
Mr. Varaei handled all aspects of Infrastructure design, leading and overseeing a large team of international specialized Design Consultants.
He displayed great leadership skills in his role, managing the different aspects of his portfolio, from the Stakeholders’ business needs to the technical aspects and finally the all-important budget constraints. He was instrumental in initiating and steering several key value-engineering initiatives, which eventually led to positive operational changes for our stakeholders, better value for money, and ultimately reduced the overall budget by several hundred million US Dollars.

During our interactions, Mr. Varaei displayed excellent professionalism and a very pleasant and charming personality. Yet, he is very firm and resolute when leading large workshops, and I have witnessed him several times managing and defusing large politically-charged meetings with different key stakeholders with conflicting interests. I would definitely recommend Mr. Varaei for a leadership position in any infrastructure-related field, and firmly believe he would be a great asset to any team.


Managing Director, IGNIS Design and Construction Inc.

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Actively Involved in Developing Our Strategies

I am pleased to confirm that over the past few months, Mr. Moein Varaei has supported our organisation, and myself personally. During this period Moein has helped us by interviewing, shortlisting and selecting talented volunteers needed for our new initiatives that our organisation had never considered or previously been able to implement. Moein has collaborated with me to develop strategies that impact our staff and volunteers.

Our organisation, now more than ever before, can attract, engage and retain these valuable staff and volunteers to enhance our organisation. Moein has also been actively involved in developing our strategies for these new initiatives and supported us by preparing a detailed plan for the implementation of our new projects. To achieve this, Moein has chaired and facilitated a number of strategy sessions. He is currently assisting me in the implementation stage of these new initiatives.

I have found Moein to be a very patient professional and he is a clear thinker. Moein is a person who can see the bigger picture, and, at the same time, notice the little details and tasks that need to be addressed for our initiatives to achieve their intended goals.

I would not hesitate to recommend Moein to any organisation.


CEO of Ipswich Housing & Support Service Inc. (South East Queensland)

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Making the Right Decisions

Moein worked with me on several large mixed use master plans ($1bn) where he headed up the infrastructure delivery. He had a large team reporting to him from various offices ….. He managed his team well and often helped me make the right decisions! .... I would not hesitate in having him work with me again. 


International Director, Gleeds

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Multi-Disciplinary Projects

I have worked alongside Moein on several multi-disciplinary projects and proposals since 2010. I was most impressed by Moein's calm and composed manner in which he handled work-related pressures and interfaced with his colleagues to achieve the project objectives without losing his cool at any moment.  

Due to Moein's extensive experience …. operating in senior roles, he also acted as a mentor for many staff …. to consider different perspectives when solving problems. 


Vice President - Projects at Dorsch Gruppe Middle East

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Managing Difficult Projects

"I had the pleasure of working with Moein for a period of around 6 months  . He has been tasked with managing some of the more 'difficult' projects and has shown a willingness and enthusiasm for 'getting things done'. Moein has a calm demeanor which is well matched with his considerable experience in the discipline of project management and delivery of civil / infrastructure projects.” 


Associate Director at AECOM

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Setting Up A Regional Office, Securing Major Clients and Achieving ISO Certification

“Moein joined (our firm) as a Director and his first task was to set up the … office and develop the same to serve as (our) hub for Infrastructure and Transport services…  

During his three years with (our firm) Moein secured and worked on projects with some of the major clients…. 

In addition, …. (our office) … office achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification. This was achieved as a result of Moein and his staff’s commitment to the systematic functioning of the … office and the quality of work produced by RME.” 


Head of HR of a major multi-national consultancy firm

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Mr. Moein Varaei as a Business Advisor

 since 2016 we have retained Mr. Moein Varaei as a Business Advisor on an ongoing basis to review, recommend and advise us on our operational procedures, business strategies, marketing options and project delivery procedures….

On occasions he has also facilitated strategic meetings with the marketing team, partners and manufacturers here in Australia and overseas.

I have found Mr. Varaei to be very proactive, systematic and thorough. I could always rely on him to provide a measured and a suitable solution to the issues at hand…..


Partner, PTRD (SE Queensland)