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Principal Consultant of GES

About Us

Moein Varaei - Principal Consultant of GES


With over 30 years of track record in managing engineering offices, departments, and high-profile projects, as well as leading teams in a number of countries, Moein, has helped people and organisations go from strength to strength.  

During his career, Moein has held leadership positions in a number of multi-national engineering firms and has successfully: 

  • Set up and established a new office (a new regional hub) in a new teritory;
  • Rescued a struggling marine department and ensured its technical and financial viability;
  • Saved $900 millions Dollars on a new airport project; and
  • helped put an $18 Billion Dollar project back on track. 

Some of the strategically important projects that Moein has managed over the years pertained to: 

  • Airports: Infrastructure design of a new International Airport serving 220 million passengers;  
  • Metro: Infrastructure design of a new Metro system which was to be introduced to an existing city; 
  • New CBD Development: Project Management of a totally brand-new CBD; 
  • New Town: Infrastructure design for a 100Ha site dedicated to a new town; and 
  • Flood Relief: Stormwater Network Master Plan for a small country. 

Why Engage GES

Because our Principlal Consultant's 30 year track record shows that offices, departments or projects that he has been entrusted with have thrived after his involvement. Check out our Testimonial Page and see some of the examples of these successes. 

If he has helped put an $18 billion Dollar mix-use development program back on track, he can help you turn any of your projects around.

If he has helped save $900 million for an Aviation organisation, he can help your organisation achieve major savings.

If he has successfully set up a regional hub/office for a major international organisation, he can help you set up your new office or restructure your current business.

If he has rescued a struggling engineering department, he can help you turn your struggling department in to a success story.

If he has been the initiator and the key person for an international organisation achieving ISO9001 certification, he can help you along the same path. 

If he has trained, coached and mentored Project Managers, he can help you train your staff to manage your projects the way you expect.

Values and Beliefs 

Everything we do at Global Empowering Solutions is guided by our values and beliefs. The values and beliefs that pertain to businesses are as follows: 

Belief No. 1: Organisation’s have the duty of creating an environment at their workspace characterised by qualities of honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, teamwork, creativity, patience, tolerance, courtesy, integrity and generosity.  

Belief No. 2: Organisations should regard each of their staff as a “mine rich in gems of inestimable value”. Training and capacity building can help organisations discover these gems. 

Belief No. 3: When planning organisational changes or development, the organisation should assume a culture of “learning in action — characterised by constant action, reflection, consultation, and study”. Haphazard changes must be avoided. 

Belief No. 4: Organisations should adopt a “capacity building” culture. All key decisions should be informed by the extent to which they help capacity building of the team and clients.   

Belief No. 5: Success of an organisation is highly dependent on having an engaged workforce. Organisations should have an “Engaged Workforce” initiative. 

Belief No. 6: Success of an organisation is highly dependent on having custom-made project management systems that are simple and clear to follow, yet comprehensive enough to cover all aspect of work. 

If these values and beliefs resonate with you and your goals for your organisation, the first step is to  send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us a message using our Contact  Form, requesting an appointment for an initial free consultation.